MMORPG4ALL - Major Announcement

Before anything else, please read the full announcement in this forum topic.
If you read that annoucement linked above, you know the main reason why we shutdown was because of the lack of active development and Staff activity in general.

MMORPG4ALL has had a great run and we probably shouldn't have revived the server at all a few months ago, but we tried anyway. Sadly, things went wrong even from the beginning and that was a really bad sign for us all, including the players.
We're sorry that you wasted that short amount of time playing here with us.

Now, both TBC and WotLK databases are secured, but this doesn't mean that we'll ever be live again, it just means we have this data with us.
Is MMORPG4ALL ever going Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria or any other expansion new or old? Most likely not. Most our Staff is working, finishing college, starting a family, etc.
The same applies to our player base. Everyone has moved on from MMORPG4ALL a LONG time ago, and even from World of Warcraft. I really can't blame those people, since most of you enjoyed playing WoW because of friends.

So, what's next? I, Hitman, would like to build a small community where you guys can share your streams, YouTube channels (gaming, educational, etc), talk about specific topics (news, gaming, tv shows, anime, boobs), etc.
I can't give you more details because this is just an idea, I didn't even talk with anyone else about this. So, if you have any suggestions or new ideas, please comment here.

R.I.P. MMORPG4ALL and thanks for all the fun you've given me and this community for the last 8 or so years.

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