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Arena Season II Posted by Nihilism
Today (10.2.2014.) Second Arena Season begins!
We wish luck to all participants, and may the best team win!
You can read more info about rewards and eligibility here.

Arena Hall of fame can be found here.
End of arena season Posted by Nihilism
Hello m4a. It is time to officially announce The End of Arena Season!
As already stated, rewards will be given only for top teams in 2v2 bracket.
You can see wining teams and players here.
New Arena Season is starting this Thursday, and rules/rewards are yet to be announced here.
MMORPG4ALL changes host Posted by Asio
During the day (30.01.2014.), the server will be transferred to new host, all in attempt to enhance players experience.
Transfer itself will take up to 24 hours. Players will be able to play during the transfer.
Server will still use old domain name, meaning that website address nor realmlist nor TS address will NOT change.
Some players might not be able to connect to our game server during the transfer using realmlist.mmorpg4all.com, those players should temporarily change realmlist to

In case you experience any problems, make sure you contact staff members on IRC.
New age of PvP Posted by Asio
Tomorrow morning (02.11.2013.), there will be unscheduled maintenance during which new season will start.

Starting this season, top teams in both 2v2 and 3v3 bracket will have a chance to fight, not only for mounts and titles,
but a permanent place in our Arena Hall of Fame.
You can read more about new arena season here.

Blood and Thunder!
Welcome Posted by Asio
We are proud to present our new Website!

Big thanks to our Developers and Game Masters for making it all possible.
You can log-in with your Game Accounts, upon which you will find tons of new features.
If you have any questions or problems regarding website, make sure to ask them here.

For new players that are coming from other servers, make sure to visit Server Transfer page for additional info.
New website has Armory, where you can see character information and much more.
We also added new, improved Vote Shop, where you can find a lot of vanity items.

Few days prior to releasing website, public testing of Transmogrification feature has begun.
You can find discussion thread here.

Once again, thank you for sticking with us for so many years.
Trailer Posted by Asio
Server Info:
Realmlist: realmlist.mmorpg4all.com
Patch: WOTLK 3.3.5a
Realm status:
Lothar's Rest - Online
Support MMORPG4ALL and help us make it even better.
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